Kjell Vandevyvere

Website copywriter

Conversion copy for (Fin)Tech

I work with startups or via agencies to write well-researched copy focused on your ICP.

Companies invest thousands in web design and development.
But when it comes to copy...
...they think their intern can do it.
Luckily, you're different.
You know copy matters as much as design—if not more.
So you got here. Good. Let's meet.
I'm Kjell Vandevyvere, and here's why you should hire me ⬇️

Kjell is a great copywriter and his experience with B2B websites really came in handy for our projects at Fluo. The quality of his texts is high, but next to that, he is also fast and flexible. With his calm and composed personality, he is a great guy to work with!

L. Huysmans

Managing Partner

Clients and cases

Featured project

Crowdlending Platform

Website copy and redesign

Winwinner rebranded its website at the start of 2023. I worked with Valued to create the main pages of the new website. I wrote the copy with three goals in mind:

  • Rank higher for main keywords.
  • Convince local businesses to work with Winwinner.
  • Convince individuals to invest in these businesses.

Partly thanks to the success of the new website, Winwinner is on track to double last year’s investment record.

Other website copy projects

  • Xenn: web copy for an energy app to save on electricity costs
  • Klarenbach: web copy about raw material investment for a grain marketing analyst
  • Soldo: landing page copy about expense management and prepaid cards
  • Adfonic: home and pricing page copy for a paid advertising tool
  • Decode Strategy: Web copy and other marketing copy
  • Home page copy and three persona landing pages for a personal tax app
  • Web copy for a SaaS company in leisure center management
  • Website copy for a cybersecurity software startup
  • 18 service pages for a marketing agency

Writing or improving website copy - how does it work?

1. Briefing

We get to know each other first. How do you work? What are your expectations? What do you already know about your clients? We go through an onboarding form together so I can delve deeper into your audience and your services or products.

Onboarding form
Copy research template

2. Research

After taking in all the information you’ve provided, I’ll do more audience research. I’ll do anything I can to get to know your ideal customer’s challenges and dreams. After completing my research about struggles, objections, benefits, alternatives and more, I’ll start writing copy with UX and CRO best practices in mind.

3. Delivery

For every project, I create a Google Document that mimics the Iayout of your pages. That makes it easy to perceive how it’s going to look. If desired, I  can also implement the finished copy in your Figma or Framer files. (Or even on the website). After about 4-8 weeks, I’ll be in touch again to check if everything’s going well and if there’s anything that can be improved.

Wireframe and copy template

A small investment for huge returns

Website copy has a fixed starting cost + price per page

840 starting from
  • Home page copy
  • Onboarding form or call
  • User research
  • Market research
  • Up to two revisions
  • € 240 – € 390 per extra page
  • € 95 hourly for additional revisions and calls