Kjell Vandevyvere

Digital Marketing VIP Day

Resolve all doubts about copy, content, SEO & conversions

Hire me to work on anything you need. I'll be yours for the entire day.

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You feel like everything needs to be improved but you don't know where to start.
The website needs a makeover.
Your emails aren't converting as they should be.
Your blog isn't bringing in enough traffic.

It's one big mess.
I'll help you sort through it.
Hire me for a day and we'll tackle as much as we can.
We can have some big picture talks about your strategy or we can go as deep as updating your meta-descriptions.
There's no standard approach; just a very tailored process to take your business a few steps further.

How does a VIP day work?

1. Schedule

First thing on the agenda is choosing a day. Make sure it’s a day when you’re available as well so we can work closely together when needed. There’s no need to give specific instructions yet, but it would help.

2. Research

In the week before your chosen day, I’ll research as much as I can about your company, your market and your competitors. We’ll book a short call as well so I can get the information I need from you. This will save us time on VIP day.

3. Work work work

On the big day, I’ll be available from 9am until 6pm (other times can be arranged at a premium). During these hours, I’ll work on anything you need, from emails to website copy to SEO. Call or text me any time.

Why get a VIP day?

So what's the investment?

Your VIP Day

All included digital marketing service
633 Full day + preparation
  • 33% off for first three clients
  • Improve SEO, copy, conversions ...
  • Ample research on your company, your market and your competitors
  • 100% dedicated attention to your company