Kjell Vandevyvere

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Successful projects for tax tools


In-depth SEO blog posts

In July 2023, I started writing blog posts for Accountable, a Belgian fintech startup that helps solopreneurs and small businesses with taxes. 

Starting from an idea or question, I find the best keywords for that topic, create an outline and write the post. 

Three out of four posts I’ve written so far rank in the top 10 – the other is ranked 12th – for the main keyword. I’ve always selected the keywords with the most searches for the selected topic. 

Tax Automation Modules

Home page & product page design

At the start of 2023, I worked with a Belgian company that creates modules to automate processes in Silverfin.

After analysing, their home page, I redesigned the home page and rewrote the copy. I also created a new page about a tool they were launching for accountants. 

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Personal Tax Declaration App

Landing page and email copy

In the first quarter of 2023, I helped the marketing team of a tax declaration app with copy for their launch in the Netherlands.

• Landing page copy for three ideal customer profiles (pre-launch and post-launch versions).

• Welcome sequence and emails to guide users.

• Ads and social media copy to promote the new app.

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