Kjell Vandevyvere

Clarity Call

Get your biggest marketing questions answered

A deep dive into your messaging, content strategy and other website struggles

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Stuck with your content strategy?
Questions about your positioning?
Not sure how to write your home page copy?

Let's talk and explore solutions.

How does a clarity call work?

1. Pick a time

Find a suitable time in my calendar and book your one-hour call. (Happy to extend it to 90 minutes for free if needed.)

Make sure the call has been paid before the meeting. 

2. Discuss your challenges

The call will consists in two parts. First, we’ll go through my onboarding form. This will help you think about your current position and it will help me understand your company.

Secondly, you can ask me any questions you have about your content strategy, website copy, conversions …

3. Choose your next move

At the end of the meeting, we’ll discuss the next steps. What can you do to fix your problems? Is there anything else I can do? Who else is in a great position to help you?

What's the investment?

Clarity Call

60-90 minutes
  • 33% off for first three clients
  • Solve your digital marketing doubts
  • Get clarity before you spend big
  • Ask me anything about copy or content strategy