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Website Copy

Get copy for landing pages, home pages, service pages and other website content.


Improve the user experience of your website to keep clients and increase conversions.

Content & SEO

Work with me on your local blog posts and content marketing strategy.

Email marketing

Get welcome sequences for your new landing pages and other emails tailored to the local market.

Digital Ads

Promote your business through Google ads and social media ads (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Website Design

Work with me and my design agency on your local website or landing pages.

Some projects that helped clients improve conversions or get more traffic


At the start of 2023, I collaborated with two agencies (Eskidoos & Websauce) to launch a website by the end of January. 

I wrote the website copy and the welcome email which had as goal to get a minimum of 500 interested beta testers by the end of March.

Thanks to 11% website conversions and 50% response rate to the form in the welcome email, we found enough beta testers to launch the app.

Since the launch, I’ve also helped Xenn with UX writing for the newest version of the app. 


Winwinner, a crowdlending platform, rebranded its website at the start of 2023. I worked with Valued to create the main pages of the new website. I wrote the copy with three goals in mind:

• Rank higher for main keywords.

• Convince local businesses to work with Winwinner.

• Convince individuals to invest in these businesses.

Partly thanks to the success of the new website, Winwinner is on track to double last year’s investment record.


In the final quarter of 2023, I started a CRO project with Hypotheek.winkel, a brick-and-mortar business that offers mortgage comparisons and administration.

After a thoughtful analysis of their home page and two other pages, I created about a dozen UX suggestions and a few dozen hypotheses to increase conversions.

I discovered a few changes with surprisingly little impact on conversions but I also made some tweaks with spectacular results:

On one page, I boosted newsletter subscriptions by 34% with a small change of copy. (95% certainty).

On another page, I increased ebook downloads by 53% after moving some elements. (90% certainty)


In July 2023, I started writing blog posts for Accountable, a Belgian fintech startup that helps solopreneurs and small businesses with taxes. 

Starting from an idea or question, I find the best keywords for that topic, create an outline and write the post. 

Three out of four posts I’ve written so far rank in the top 10 – the other is ranked 12th – for the main keyword. I’ve always selected the keywords with the most searches for the selected topic. 



In 2021 and 2022, I supported the SEO and acquisition team with copy and content for the Dutch market. I was mainly in charge of writing SEO landing pages and ads to promote those page.

Additionally, I reviewed some of the website’s main pages and I also wrote three thought leadership posts for the Dutch market.

Most of the content was related to prepaid debit cards, accounting and fuel cards.

woman with data presentation

Aspire App

In the last quarter of 2021, I worked as the blog editor for a key section of Aspire App’s blog.

Together with the brand marketing lead, I created content pillars and keyword plans.

I worked with four writers, provided briefings for 30 posts and edited each of those posts to be in line with the style guide I had created.

Unfortunately, the CMO wanted immediate results for this SEO-focused project, so we had to shut it down. Success with SEO in only 3 months is almost impossible, especially in the niche we were targeting: startup content for Southeast Asian companies.

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My name is Kjell. When I started as a freelance copywriter over five years ago, I had very limited experience and marketing knowledge. Throughout the years, I’ve learned on the job, through courses and lots of side projects. I went from travel agency translations to writing technical content for some of the world’s most exciting startups. Apart from my core business of writing website copy and technical content, I love digging into UX and conversion optimisation. That’s why I love to tackle every project with a user-centric approach. Because putting the user first, is the best way to improve SEO and drive more sales. 

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